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How do I install sod?

Sod can easily be installed following these steps:

  1. Kill existing weeds or vegetation if present
  2. Rototill the area to a depth of at least four inches
  3. Grade the area smooth with a rake
  4. Spread starter fertilizer on the soil
  5. Lay out the sod following a brickwork pattern. Sod can be cut with a sharp knife
  6. Water sod immediately after installing
  7. Water daily with at least 1 inch of water for the first two weeks

For a more detailed guide, check out our full article on how to install sod.

When should sod be planted?

Most types of sod can be planted at any time of the year. Warm season grasses such as Zoysia or Bermuda should be installed in the Spring or Summer.

How long does it take for new sod to take root?

Sod will begin to take root within 2 weeks during the growing season.

When should new sod be watered?

New sod should be watered in the early morning. This prevents fungus from growing on wet grass overnight.

What type of sod is best?

The sod that is best for your area will depend on several factors shown below.

Sod Type Light Requirements Water Requirements Texture Cost
DuraBlend Tall Fescue Partial/Full Sun Medium Medium $
Kentucky Bluegrass Full Sun Medium-High Medium-Fine $
Zoysia Full Sun Low Medium $$$
Bermudagrass Full Sun Low Fine $$

For more information, view the full article on sod types.

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